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Elementary school registration

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To choose a French Catholic school of Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir is to offer your child a first-rate education in a caring Francophone and Catholic environment which promotes the development of global skills for the digital age.

Our schools are known for excellence, inclusion and innovation. Our students become skilled and engaged global citizens. They are proud of their identity and are ready to achieve their highest aspirations.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing family!

Register your child

Carefully read the Admission criteria and find the French-language Catholic school in your district.

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  • Please note that you must use a computer (not a cell phone or tablet) to complete and submit the registration form.
  • If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the school who can assist you.
  • The quality of the form content is the responsibility of an external supplier.

Once the registration form is completed, the French-language Catholic school in your school district will contact you to complete your registration on site with the required documents. If you have any questions or need help to fill out the registration form, please contact us at 1 800 274-3764 ext. 5.

Admission criteria


The Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir admits children of parents who are francophone and Catholic, as per the administrative directive ÉLV.1.1 Admission des élèves (in French only) (PDF not accessible) and pursuant to section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to article 93 from Constitution Acts, 1867.

Junior Kindergarten

Children can attend Junior Kindergarten if they turn 4 before December 31st of the current year.


One of the child's parents must be Catholic. DA Csc MonAvenir admits to its schools a French-speaking Catholic child who has a parent or grandparent who is: (ELV.1.1 Admission of Students (In French only) (PDF not accessible)

Students may be considered for admission if they have been baptized in a religious tradition whose baptism is recognized by the Catholic Church, such as:

  • Assyrian Apostolic Church
  • Eastern Churches: Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Syriac, Malankara, Armenian Apostolic
  • Orthodox Churches : Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Russian, Georgian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Cypriot, Greek, Albanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak
  • Anglican Church
  • Protestant Reformed Churches (PLURA): Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Church of Canada

MonAvenir Catholic School Board will consider admission as long as:

  • The parents or the adult student are residents under Section 36 (4) of the Education Act;
  • The Catholic character of the school is recognized and accepted;
  • The student participates in the school's pastoral activities and in the religious education courses for the OSSD. Parents complete the Consent and Undertaking Form (ELV.1.1.3 (In French only) (PDF not accessible) and the adult student completes the Adult Student Consent Form (ELV.1.1.4 (In French only) (PDF not accessible)

Persons entitled to have their children educated in French at the elementary level in Ontario ("eligible persons") meet one of the following criteria

  • Canadian citizens residing in Ontario whose first language learned and still understood is French; OR
  • Canadian citizens residing in Ontario who received their elementary education in French, either here or elsewhere in Canada; OR
  • Canadian citizens who have a child who has received or is receiving elementary or secondary school instruction in French, here or elsewhere in Canada.

If none of the parents meet any of the three conditions listed above, an admissions committee will determine if the child is eligible.

The ability of the parents and the child to communicate in French is a primary criterion considered by the Admissions Committee.

Students enrolled in French Immersion schools may apply for enrollment at any level.

The board may admit into its schools children of parents who do not meet the criteria or who do not qualify as rights holders under section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. An admissions committee will receive the application from the parents and will meet with them and their children for the purpose of making a recommendation to the Csc MonAvenir. The Csc MonAvenir takes into consideration the well-being of the child as well as the mission of the school. The meeting will help determine, for instance:

  • if the child’s proficiency in French will enable the child to integrate satisfactorily into a French-language school;
  • if the parents’ language proficiency is appropriate to support the child’s learning at the French-language school;
  • the level of French usage in the home;
  • the strategies being considered to support the child’s learning.

The board will give special consideration to the following:

  • families whose grandparents are section 23 rights holders, to enable them to regain the right they lost for socio-historical reasons;
  • francophile families who have shown an interest in and commitment to the French language even if it is not their first language (by taking French courses or registering their child for French-language daycare, for example);
  • francophone newcomers, who must go through the admissions committee process for admission because they do not hold Canadian citizenship. For these families, the procedure is accelerated. The assessment of the language proficiency and school performance of these children will make it possible to offer them the resources they need to progress at the level of their oral communication and/or academic performance if, for a number of reasons, their studies or their learning of French have held them back.

The ability of the parents and child to communicate in French is a primary criterion considered by the Admissions Committee. Here are some examples of cases that may be considered for admission through an Admissions Committee:

  • First generation Francophone families who are new to Canada and/or whose members are not Canadian citizens;
  • Francophile families (where French is a second language) who have demonstrated an interest in the French language, for example, by enrolling their child in a French daycare or French Immersion program
  • Families with a French-speaking grandparent

For all admissions, the Board has the following expectations

  • a commitment by parents to the mandate of our schools
  • a demonstration of support for our school system;
  • an understanding of the ideal: the ability to communicate, to learn and to be culturally affirmed;

For more information on the admission criteria for Csc MonAvenir, please refer to the Student Admission Policy and Administrative Guidelines:

ÉLV.1 Admission of students (in French only) (PDF not accessible)

ÉLV.1.1 Admission des élèves (in French only) (PDF not accessible)

Secondary schools

Admission in our secondary schools is automatic for students whose parents are French-language education right holders. Strong French Immersion students are welcome to apply. Students whose parents are not right holders will have their application reviewed by an Admission Committee.

Required documents for registration

The following documents must be presented when registering:

  • birth certificate
  • Baptism certificate (if not available, please contact the school for details of the procedure)
  • Immigration entry card (IMM) and passport for the student, where applicable
  • copy of the immunization card
  • proof of residence
  • most recent report card (if the student comes from another school)

You must also provide the following information:

  • name of parents or guardians
  • residential address and full contact information

School district

The « school district » designates the territory served by each school.

To find the French-language Catholic school in your district, use the school district finder (in French only).

If you don’t know which school is in your school district, please send your complete residential address, including the postal code to or dial 1 800 274-3764 ext. 73625.

If you want to register your child in another school than the one corresponding to your address, you will have to coordinate your child transportation to school.

ÉLV.1.3 – Application to attend school outside the sector (in French only) (PDF not accessible)


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