MonAvenir Conseil Scolaire Catholique

MonAvenir Conseil Scolaire Catholique

Language of communication

Are all school subjects taught in French?

Apart from English, all the courses are taught only in French. French is also the language of communication within the school and with the parents. In this way, a francophone space is created in which the students can be made aware of and learn to appreciate the value of the French language and francophone culture.

In what grade is the teaching of English introduced to the students?

Students begin to learn English in Grade 4. During their studies at the French-language school, students acquire a sufficiently solid proficiency in English to allow them to follow the same English course as their English-language secondary school counterparts. By the end of their Grade 12 year, French-language school students are fully bilingual and can continue their postsecondary studies successfully in the official language of their choice.

What support is available to parents who speak little or no French?

Many families are made up of one francophone parent and one parent who speaks a language other than French. These families and these parents are welcome in our schools. The school staff, who are bilingual, are always ready to answer their questions. Original strategies are developed in the schools to welcome the non-francophone parent and to help them integrate into and take part in the activities of the French-language Catholic school while at the same time preserving the school’s francophone character. The support of the non-francophone parent is essential. The child needs to know that French is valued by the parents, even if one of them does not speak the language. The non-francophone parent can, for example, encourage the child to speak in French, to watch French TV or to always address the francophone parent in French .. and perhaps even set an example by taking French courses!

Here are some examples of strategies used to facilitate the integration of non-francophone parents into the French-language Catholic school:

  • Free French courses for parents
  • Vocabulary games
  • Glossary of useful words and expressions for use by parents accompanying students on school excursions
  • Twinning of families